Dmitry Shepelev drew a parallel between his book about Jeanne Friske and the book of Olga Buzova

Дмитрий Шепелев провел параллель между своей книгой о Жанне Фриске и книгой Ольги Бузовой

A few weeks ago, Dmitry Shepelev presented a book, in which he spoke about his beloved Jeanne Friske and disease, which killed her.

Speaking on the occasion of the publication of a kind of memoirs of the showman about how the mother of his only son struggled with an incurable disease, was much.

Some criticized Dmitry for PR on behalf of Friske, others praised him for the decision to share their experiences.

There were those who haunted the cost of one copy of the book “Jeanne”.

They say that this creation is appreciated even more than the immortal works of Pushkin.

Shepelev did not panic in this situation and found a decent answer: “You, of course, I would like to hear what the bastard turned down a price, but it is not! Price books determine the publisher, so if you have a rotten vegetable, throw it in there. I note that the money that the author receives from the sale of this book go to the hospice charity Fund “Vera” to help dying people. So how much would the book cost, I hope that the money will benefit. And the subject of my special pride is the fact that my work is cheaper than a book Buzova”