Dmitry Shepelev did not let my mother Zhanna Friske to see your grandchild

Дмитрий Шепелев не разрешил маме Жанны Фриске видеть внука

Can’t find a common language the former civil husband of singer Jeanne Friske and her parents. Since the death of the actress from brain cancer, they are in conflict. In the midst of the quarrel was the only child of Jeanne a Plato. Parents have reported Friske, his father continues to forbid them to see him, and even allowed the mother of Jeanne Olga to congratulate him on his birthday. An elderly woman three days spent at the entrance, where you live, Dimitri and Platon, but never seen grandson.

Last week, Plato was four years, but the opportunity to see my mother’s parents had not. According to the lawyer of the family, despite the court’s decision, Dmitry refuses to give the child to his grandparents at least half an hour.
“We had hoped to personally congratulate the boy! My wife three days from 10 am to 19 PM stood near the house where the seven dwarfs. In the hope that Plato will drive in the garden or on a walk and she sees him, will give us a gift. Simple, but achieved nothing. To the address which Shepelev specified in the guardianship, of a child no. The bailiff went there a few times – can not find. Kindergarten also went – Plato there. I have a poor health. Sometimes terrible ideas: can you see Plato before his death?” — complains Vladimir, father of Joan.
Kopylov appealed to the U.S. marshals service with the aim of at least the birthday of her grandchild, but even the relevant authorities are unable to find Dmitri and gave him a fine of five thousand rubles as administrative penalties for failure to comply with the court’s decision.