Dmitry Shepelev devoted son touching instagram post

Дмитрий Шепелев посвятил сыну трогательный пост в инстаграме

Son Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske had many — after the death of his mother the boy had to endure the vicissitudes with relatives Friske, who still haunt their family. TV host boy crazy cherishes and protects it from the negative. It doesn’t even show my son’s face in the photos, but touching post dedicated to Plato, all put on the network. The boy will soon be 5 years, and every day with him for the Pope — an incredible happiness.

Дмитрий Шепелев посвятил сыну трогательный пост в инстаграме

6 APR Shepelev put a beautiful photo in which Plato is depicted at sunset cliffs and lighthouse in the distance. This picture was inspired by not only the boy’s father and the users. Looking at her, it’s hard to hold back the rush of thoughts.
In comments under the photo Michael wrote a touching letter dedicated to Plato. Caring father decided to take son on holiday, and already booked tickets and hotel. However, a sudden illness of a baby before leaving gave true plans. “Probably every parent has been through this: purchased tickets, booked the hotel, procured a ticket for any Disney, LEGO, or any other land, organized machine accompanying, balloons, cake, gifts and even a mattress. One day before departure. Or even better: the night before departure and… temperature. And instead of flight — taxi to the pharmacy, and instead of cotton candy — Panadol. I have experienced this three times already. And each time before the trip. I’m sure you know what I mean. We all think it only happens to us. This is not so. It’s a shame of course, but does that really matter?! Son once said: “we will Not cancel, let’s just do it”. What is he wise! I never cease to be surprised. Thanks, I tell him. — For what? — For what you’ve brought to my life in order. Your right. When everything happens on time, and when you actually need! And happiness, of course, also thank you. Absolute happiness is not important in Legoland or with a Cup of raspberry tea for the cough.”

The presenter tries as much time to devote to the child. But, despite a busy schedule, Dmitry manages to drive the boy to the gym and English classes.
Recall now Plato attends kindergarten and additional classes, but soon he will be going to school. Dad is very worried about the safety of his son, because the boy will face real difficulties. But to limit it and to protect you from these difficulties it is not going to.

“I think that in Moscow around the child can create a oasis of well-being, security. But it’s expensive. Besides, it’s pointless because sooner or later the child will be face to face with the reality that we know. Will we be able to hide the child from it? Can’t do it. Do we want to do this? Want” tells their thoughts Shepelev.