Dmitry Shepelev deceived family Friske

Дмитрий Шепелев обманул семью Фриске Journalists reported that relatives of the actress are still unable to see her son Plato. At first, they agreed to meet with the boy’s father Dmitry Shepelev, but on the appointed day he is said not to be contacted.
Дмитрий Шепелев обманул семью Фриске

Relatives of the singer Zhanna Friske can not see my son star Plato. According to journalists, the actress did not communicate with the child for more than a year, despite the decision of the Savelovsky court of Moscow, who established the order of the meeting with the baby. According to this decision, grandparents Plato can spend an hour and a half in a month.

As it became known to the media, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, who is now engaged in raising a child, not in a hurry to go to meet the relatives of the singer. Vladimir Friske, the father of the actress, said that the entertainer was allowed to see him before Easter, but on the appointed day he failed to make contact.

It is also reported that mother Jeanne Olga wrote to Dmitry texts, in which he asked about the meeting, and conveyed greetings to Plato, but these messages allegedly remained unanswered. So, one of them a woman congratulates the child with his fourth birthday. Screenshots of correspondence was available to correspondents.

“Platochek, happy birthday to you, sweet boy! Cheers, good luck and happiness to you in this life. We love you and we welcome you,” wrote Olga.

In another text, addressed to the host, mother artist again insisted to see the child. “Dima, Hello! Ask for a meeting with his grandson Plato. Look forward to hearing from you. Grandmother Olya”, – stated in the message sent on the third of April.

Earlier, in February, Olga also wanted to agree about communicating with the boy. “Good day, Dima! Grandma Olga is very long and asks for a meeting with the grandson of Plato. Please do not refuse my request. Years go fast,” wrote the woman two months ago.

We will remind also that last week Vladimir Friske accused of lawyer Sergei Storm fraud. The lawyer was trying to reach an amicable agreement with Dmitry Shepelev, that he allowed the relatives of the stars to communicate with the baby. However, Vladimir Borisovich has stopped using the services of Sergei wrote to the Prosecutor asking to check the activities of his company.

In turn, Storm says the charges are baseless men. “I don’t understand what is the claim? I have all the documents on hand. Ready to dialogue. I personally Vladimir paid nothing,” said the lawyer “StarHit”. The family’s lawyer Friske responded to allegations of fraud

To meet Plato, the Friske family made a complaint, which is attached screenshots of the conversations, and sent her to the guardianship, the Prosecutor’s office and the U.S. marshals service. Relatives of the star continue to seek a meeting with Plato, said “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.