Дмитрия Шепелева осуждают за книгу о Жанне Фриске Fans believe that the attempts of the presenter to tell about the past relationship with the singer can be perceived as a PR. Work about Jeanne Friske, written by Dmitry Shepelev, will appear on bookshelves in September. The man told about how he developed his love affair with the civil wife.

      After the death of the singer Zhanna Friske last summer, her common-law spouse, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, decided to perpetuate the memory of the artist. The man put all their memories of the dead beloved in the book. Literary work he called simply – “Zhanna Friske”. In September, readers will see on the shelves a collection of memoirs in the series “legends of pop” of the former soloist of group “Brilliant”.

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      Shepelev admitted that writing the book helped him cope with grief after the death of the mother of his child. Dmitry spoke about the important moments of their relationship with Jeanne – introduction, development of the novel and the birth of the son of Plato.

      However, even before the publication in the light of some fans spoke very sharply about the book, which was written by Shepelev. They felt that he had to postpone the release of his literary work.

      “That’s somehow always my sympathies were on the side Shepeleva and liked the way that he is worthy of this story with relatives Friske comes out. But in vain he with the book, though, and it’s been a year. It would be better to him to the end to be silent and not touch this story with Jeanne. Now any attempt something to tell the world about Joan looks like an attempt to cash in while people are hot to”, “will They ever settle down?” – wrote fans.

      On the anniversary of the death of Dmitri, who first tried as little as possible to contact with journalists and not to make excuses because of misunderstandings arising between him and relatives Friske, decided to Express everything that had accumulated in his mind during this time.

      “A year has passed. Subsided the pain, confusion, fear, anger. It seems to me that it’s over. I found the strength to push off, leaving the bottom somewhere far below me. Began to ask himself questions about the future, making plans, thinking, finally, about what I want. I don’t live in the past. And only sometimes in the most unexpected moments, you realize how much I miss you. What a pity now you’re not around. I tell you about my son, and he listens carefully. He knows your voice, knows your face and smile. And I know you, in detail, a turn of the head, the tips of his fingers, laughing. And from this know that love is alive without the presence of. It’s just there”, – said Dmitry Shepelev to Jeanne Friske.

      Now the TV presenter has a three year old son and tries to tell him more about my mom. He leads the child in the same cafe, where once there was with the singer, and notes that the boy even chooses the same desserts that I loved his famous mother. The heir of Jeanne Friske first fell in love

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