Дмитрий Шепелев подтвердил, что Платон отдыхает вместе с ним The TV presenter posted a microblog frame with the heir. Three-year-old is at sea with his father. The departure of Dmitry Shepelev Plato abroad caused resentment among families Friske, which the boy is not allowed to communicate.

      Дмитрий Шепелев подтвердил, что Платон отдыхает вместе с ним

      A couple of weeks ago, the father of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev left on vacation. Little Plato went to sea with dad. The journey of a boy abroad has caused a mixed reaction from the grandparents, Vladimir and Olga.

      Plato is not seen with the Friske family for a long time. My father did not allow the relatives of the late Jeanne even celebrate together with them the third birthday of the child. Question about the meeting of Vladimir Friske Olga Kopylova with his grandson now resolved by the court as the order of the guardianship Shepelev ignored.

      Education Plato deals with Dmitri and the nurse. The journey of a child with a father abroad provoked in the press talking about his abduction. However, Natalia Friske immediately dispelled those rumors. Natalia Friske: “Statement on the abduction of Plato – nonsense!”

      It turned out that the boy is all right. In confirmation of this information Shepelev posted on his microblog a photo with his son. On the frame you can see how little leg Plato POPs out from under a baby blanket.

      By the way, the TV host once shared with your followers images with the heir. Followers Shepeleva were able to observe how the baby grows. In a recent letter to the late Jeanne Dmitry said that he sees the son of her features. “I tell you about my son, and he listens carefully. He knows your voice, knows your face and smile. And I know you, in detail, a turn of the head, the tips of his fingers, laughing. And from this know that love is alive without the presence of. It’s just there,” – wrote the journalist.

      According to many users of social networks, boy, deytsvitelno very similar to the dead mother. Zhanna Friske died in the summer of 2015, when the child was two years old. The singer died from brain cancer. Relatives to the last hoped that first-class treatment in the most prestigious clinics in the USA and Russia will be able to save her life.

      Дмитрий Шепелев подтвердил, что Платон отдыхает вместе с ним

      Some time after the death of Jeanne Shepelev has banned her parents and sister to see Plato. This caused discord in the relationship between family Friske and Dmitry. The singer’s father Vladimir refuses to put up with the presenter. “I know one thing – I’m in court, legally, going to see his grandson. And it’ll give me law. But, Dmitry, remember my words, there will come a time when you’re on my knees I have to ask, you know, about anything,” said Friske address Shepeleva in one of the television broadcasts.

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