Dmitry Shepelev complained about the lack of time for my son

Дмитрий Шепелев пожаловался на нехватку времени для сына

Dmitry shepelyov in an interview with Grazia magazine has admitted that his son lacks his attention. Showman said that while he is chasing ratings or trying to provide Plato a decent childhood and future, the baby grows and learns the world without him: “Our children grow without us, while we do the ratings yourself or looking for reduce ends. And Yes, they are innocent unlike their fathers, for whom the feeling of guilt for missing the childhood of their children is as familiar as the feeling of hunger or debt,” — quoted Dmitry edition.

According to Shepeleva, he is happy that is summer time (during the holidays many television program), when it is possible to devote themselves to child and finally to enjoy the time spent with him: “Son sitting on my shoulders. Bouncing, singing, waving his arms, closes small damp palms on my eyes, missing nose, laughing. I’m sure he thinks he’s a giant and, if you climb a little higher, to look beyond the horizon. Rocking it left and right, will freeze for a moment and breathes. Surprise a big boy squeals and laughs loudly, grabbing tightly onto my head, hair, ears. Having fun, not thinking about anything. I just tightly grip in the hands, the feet. <…> The summer, it seems just made for these moments. In order to be together. A good time.

By the way, the lawyer Shepelev told that in the near future Dmitry is going to change their place of residence. The presenter intends to move to the US: “Dmitry in Russia over the money — said the lawyer. — Even with the payment of the apartment he rents, he had a delay. Shepelev went to look for a job on television of Kiev and Minsk, but it did not take. According to our information, Dmitry wants to go for permanent residence in America. He owed one of his guards, without paying for the work. He felt hurt and declassified plans.”

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