Дмитрий Шепелев прокомментировал пропажу сына

Showman Dmitry Shepelev made the comment to reporters regarding the statements of the Friske family that they “lost” his grandson Plato and are not aware of the whereabouts of the boy.

“I do not consider it necessary to comment on the weekly speculation. Representatives of the police, if an appeal took place, did not communicate with me. And so that was just another provocation. Son is on holiday abroad with me and my family. The question is settled”, — Dmitry said, adding that he first heard about the statement to the police frustrated his father-in-law.

We will remind, recently the parents of the deceased from brain cancer singer Zhanna Friske Vladimir and Olga Kopylova said that I do not know where their grandchild. To find Plato grandparents appealed to law enforcement agencies.

By the way, the flow of mud on Shepeleva from the family of his former lover continues to flow. Recently, Vladimir Borisovich told about how Dimitri reacted to the illness of Jeanne, and how to help her treatment: “I thought it was Shepelev found Jeanne American doctors. And then I found out that it did not he and my ex-mother-in-law Inna Knightley. After the departure of Jeanne’s mother Anastasia Khabenskiy (the artist’s wife died of brain cancer. – Approx. ed.) called me, we met. She told me that my hair stood on end. At the beginning of treatment Jeanne she constantly communicated with Shepelev, thought he was genuinely concerned with finding methods of treatment. But, she said, Shepelev went and were constantly asked her: “And Jeanne will be what was before the illness, will be the same?” Inna somehow broke down and told him: “No, she’s not the same as before the illness”. He was concerned first and foremost appearance!”

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