Dmitry Shepelev ceased to break the law

Дмитрий Шепелев перестал нарушать закон
The presenter took pity on the parents of Jeanne Friske.

Dmitry Shepelev Plato

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

Dmitry Shepelev made the family of Jeanne Friske gift: the parents of singer finally met up with Plato. The meeting was held over the weekend. As expected, the meeting was held in the presence of a representative of the guardianship authority and a bailiff and security.

Parents and sister Friske and Shepelev-year-old Plato came together at the circus. The boy was pleased grandmother, grandfather and aunt warm greeting. Despite fears of Vladimir Kopylov, Plato has not forgotten them and was very happy to see their relatives.

That 34-year-old Shepelev gave Jeanne’s parents to see that Plato was against the law. According to the court, he was obliged to let Olga and Vladimir to meet her grandson once a month. Natalia Friske was assured that the presenter just ignored all their requests to meet. She allegedly even failed last month to congratulate Plato’s birthday. Recently, Jeanne’s father complained to the police Shepeleva and guardianship, and as a result, the broadcaster has temporarily closed the exit from the country.

Perhaps after a long-awaited meeting at the star family will finally be peace. We will remind that not so long ago, held a hearing on the case of the missing millions “Rusfond”, the results of which the debt to the charitable organization, it was decided “to divide” equally among the three representatives of the family, it is Called Olga, Vladimir and a little Plato. Dmitry, however, has already announced that it intends to appeal the decision. However, apparently the court could somehow miraculously melt the ice between the “warring” families.