Dmitry Shepelev came up with a new pastime for Plato

Дмитрий Шепелев придумал новую забаву для Платона The TV host shared a rare snapshot with her son. Judging by the photos, Plato is happy to spend time with his father, because he knows how to entertain the child. Frame Dmitry Shepelev throws son up high, and the boy laughs.

      Дмитрий Шепелев придумал новую забаву для Платона

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev continues to delight his fans with pictures of her son Plato. The new photo that showed the father in the microblog, they play together with a child on the beach. Apparently, the frame was made during a holiday with the heir in Bulgaria, where is the second summer travels Shepelev.

      Dmitry circling Plato, holding hands, over the sea. The boy laughs, because he likes to feel the feeling of flying. The lead frame is signed with the hashtag “happiness.” Subscribers Shepeleva admire a family idyll. Great dad!”, “Amazing”, “remarkable”, “All the best. You are wonderful, let your son in 20 years tell us how you are a wonderful father”, “How cool”, “Happiness in every step,” said the followers of a TV journalist.

      Shepelev is trying to provide the boy a happy childhood. At the weekend dad with his son riding on the bike, and when they have the opportunity to take a vacation, he immediately flies with Plato in warmer climes. The heir is already grown up, however, Dmitry does not take him to social events. The presenter is often criticized due to the fact that he hides the child, and does not allow the boy to communicate with grandma and grandpa.

      However, recently it became known that the court allowed the family of the deceased in 2015, Zhanna Friske see Plato. “Will this sense, it is hard to say. Dima not communicate” – said after the meeting Natalia Friske.

      We will remind that in may of this year Shepelev allowed the grandparents and aunt of the boy to see him. According to sister Jeanne, Dmitry chose the place, he was accompanied by three guards, and also observed the meeting of a family therapist.

      “Plato – copy mother. Immediately recognized my grandmother and I called aunt Tata. Are unable to hold back the tears, because I haven’t seen our boy. The psychologist was asked to take himself in hand. Talked about half an hour. Gave talking about toys,” recalled Natalya.