Дмитрий Шепелев перестал скрывать отношения с дизайнером
Presenter introduced the friends with the chosen one.

Dmitry Shepelev and Ekaterina Tulupova

Photo: @yusif_eyvazov_private Instagram

In April last year, the media reported that Dmitry Shepelev had an affair with interior designer Catherine Tulupova. A couple noticed several times together in the cafe, but then they disappeared out of sight of fans, who closely follow the personal life of a TV presenter. And just recently, Dmitry and Ekaterina again fueled rumors of a romance. The pair, as it turned out a few days ago, been together coming out, but does it bypass the formal red carpet.

Recently Shepeleva and Tulupov were spotted together at a gala dinner after the performance at the Bolshoi theatre. Moreover, that Dmitry came with a companion, it became known casually: Catherine briefly got into the camera lens Yusif Eyvazov. Although the lovers, yet avoid public appearances, their relationship, apparently, has gone quite far. Shepelev introduced Catherine closest of friends.

At the same time, the couple has not yet given official comments on the nature of their relationship. Perhaps between Dmitry and Catherine developed a strong friendship. In favor of this version can speak Vladimir Kopylov. Some time ago he told in an interview that Dmitry lives with his beautician Oksana Stepanova. She was still in the life of Jeanne helped him take care of the little Plato, as well as, allegedly, was his mistress. Now, according to Vladimir Shepelev lives with Oksana.