Dmitry Shepelev announced the addition to the family

Дмитрий Шепелев объявил о прибавлении в семье
Anchorman: “I have long wanted, and Plato is not so!”

Dmitry Shepelev


Dmitry Shepelev told about what his family has become even more: the TV presenter bought the dog. Dmitry had dreamed since childhood about the “best friend” in the house. It’s funny that kids used to beg my parents for a puppy, but the family of the TV presenter it was the opposite. Before you get a pet in the house, Shepelev had to persuade five of Plato.

“Basically, we bought a dog. I really wanted to, but Plato is at first not very. “Buy, but to care for her yourself!” Character, Yes?! Then relented, “Okay, let’s get, but piss I ain’t cleaning that up!” Actually, of course, he is happy dog and wants to be her master. And I’m glad, because I like when children grow up with a pet.My childhood dog was not, — says Dmitry. The first time I went for a walk with the puppy when I was 28 (!) years!

The feeling of impatience he pulls on the leash to hurry up and dart away; happiness run after him through the grass, cheer, “look!”, and then, fearing that it will disappear, shout “me!”, then wash it with shampoo and ironed, when he is asleep, and legs running in a dream — I will remember this day forever. And now let the pet stay indoors, not hunting, where already there! But still the joy is indescribable. Called her Lou! Why is another story!”

Dmitri stopped his choice on the dog breed Shih Tzu. According to “dog ratings” this dog is the perfect choice for families with children. If the seven dwarfs could live in a country house, which he built together with Zhanna Friske, you would have bought a hunting dog. But due to the fact that the property arrested by bailiffs, the presenter made a small (but very fluffy) dog, who will feel in a small apartment owner.