Dmitry Shepelev and Friske family again failed to agree in court

Дмитрию Шепелеву и семье Фриске снова не удалось договориться в суде

Recently in the Savelovsky court of Moscow held a regular meeting, which considered the question of communicating to the family that she Friske son of Plato.

The meeting lasted three hours, but the consensus parties did not come again.

Details of the meeting shared with the press the lawyer of the family Friske.

“Thank you members of Shepeleva at least for what they objectively explain their position. No supernatural claims he doesnít have, and the court took time for consideration of documents. Therefore, the meeting postponed to 15 July,” said the family’s lawyer Friske.

He later added that the rights of their clients will defend to the end. “For the hours you can spend with your child, we will fight the same as Dmitri, the lawyer added.

Note that now in the Savelovsky court are two complaints from family Friske, which was filed by the father of the late singer Vladimir Borisovich Kopylov and her sister Natalia.

Recall that the proceedings on the right to see Plato began in February of this year. The first meeting with their presence not observed, neither the one nor the other side. The second time Shepelev and Friske had the opportunity to meet in April. Then the court declared the necessity of holding another meeting, where the parties had to provide some missing documents.

In may, without court intervention, Dmitry agreed to provide the opportunity for sister Jeanne and her mother to meet with Plato. Natalia then told me that the meeting place was determined personally Shepelev, also brought along three security guards and a family psychologist. It is noteworthy that to see Plato didn’t come from his grandfather.

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