Dmitry Shepelev admitted, who wrote a book about Janna Friske

Дмитрий Шепелев признался, для кого написал книгу о Жанне Фриске
The broadcaster decided to continue meeting with readers.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Reaction to the release of the book about Jeanne Friske, written by her civil husband and the father of her child
Dmitry Shepelev, was different. Some said that the broadcaster was not to describe personal and even intimate things about Jeanne that are no longer alive, and perhaps she
wouldn’t this “dirty Laundry”. Others named Dmitry
pretty awesome, because he shared with readers not just a story about his
the woman, about his life with her, but also told about the terrible
disease — cancer, as they, along with Frisco fighting for their lives.

admitted that first doubt in the organization of the meetings with readers, but after
the presentation of the book, I realized that this communication was needed not only to him, but
come guests. Therefore, the offer of the publishing house to continue the meeting, the presenter agreed.

“A few
days ago, on the occasion of the release of the book “Joan”, was my first
meeting with readers. To be honest, before last I doubt: whether it is necessary
to do it. Still not popular romance novel, not a presentation of the author, not
the autograph session. More. The book is a dedication written in order to save
or lighten someone’s life. Why the meeting? But I was wrong — said Shepelev. — I
first time I saw people for whom they wrote. Among them are past and current patients
their relatives, doctors, caring, thoughtful, compassionate people. We
talked for almost an hour and a half. It said guests shared their
stories I had told her. It was a very warm meeting, important for
me and my guests. Thank you!” By the way, the money raised from the sale of the book will be
transferred to the hospice charity Fund “Vera”.

We will remind, Dmitry Shepelev at a press conference on
the release of the book about Jeanne Friske, opened the details of their lives with
singer. So, the TV host admitted that
still decided not to tell his son to Plato, that his mother’s dead.”About a death we
I haven’t yet. This conversation has not yet taken place… — said Dmitry. Not
I know you will understand me or not, but this kind of talk with a small child
a long, painstaking work. And the most difficult conversation we have.
At the same time, I think it is quite unfair to lie to his kid. To say
for example, that his mother is the captain, she went somewhere…”