Dmitry Shepelev about the recovery of millions: “Plato responsible for it should not”

Дмитрий Шепелев о взыскании миллионов: «Платон отвечать за это не должен» The anchorman spoke about the meeting. Dmitry Shepelev concerned about the peace of the son of Plato, and therefore for him to turn again to the justice, to relieve him of the duty to pay the missing money from the account of his mother Zhanna Friske collected for treatment.

Today the regular court session on the case about the disappearance of more than 21 million rubles collected for treatment died almost two years ago Zhanna Friske. In the end, a huge amount needs to return the “Rusfond” direct relatives of the singer – mom, dad and teenage son. Native Zhanna Friske obliged to return 21 million rubles

Parents, along with civil husband removed himself from all accusations – no one could say exactly where the money gone. However, what Dmitry Shepelev was released from the obligation to pay the debt, he considers it a personal victory. Thus, the justice found him guilty of the loss of money. Dmitriy has shared a detailed discourse on the today’s court session with their fans in the microblog.

“Neither I nor my son, of course, that money didn’t touch because I didn’t have access to the charity accounts. I feel a tremendous sense of relief very hard to live in for two years surrounded by speculation. My conscience and reputation restored,” was justified by the broadcaster.

Dmitry continues to blame my mom Jeanne Olga that she allegedly withdrew money from the account. However, the woman outraged by such speculation. After this statement, she was in a state of shock and felt bad. “Now I am accused of, – shared with “StarHit” Olga Friske. – And then who? Dogs?”

After the court hearing Dmitry questions, to which he was not able to answer. Unknown to him, where had spent such a large sum of money. He was surprised that the judges did not understand this fact.

“Paradoxically, the court did not qualify these actions, I don’t know how to call it otherwise – as theft. Don’t understand. Most importantly, in my opinion, is Plato responsible for it should not”, – said the presenter.

Now Dmitry is going to appeal the decision of the court – he does not want to prevent such a situation that the missing amount will reimburse his four year-old son.

“I understand how this case is important to the charity movement in Russia and is pleased that the reputation of the charity Fund “Rusfond” restored. But paternal I contend, because a bargaining chip in this horrible and shameful history, my only son, who received after deceased mom’s debts and endless gossip. I will continue to fight for the only thing important to me in this situation is the welfare and peace of my son and, of course, will appeal the court’s decision,” said Shepelev.