Dmitry Pevtsov was told about his son’s death

Дмитрий Певцов рассказал о гибели сына
The actor is sure that it was an accident.

Photo: PhotoXpress

In the fall of 2012 in the family of Dmitry Pevtsov tragedy struck. At the age of 22 years died, his eldest son Daniel. A young man accidentally fell from the balcony of the third floor, after which he was urgently hospitalized in serious condition at the Botkin hospital. But a week later from injuries he died. As it turned out, Daniel had a fractured skull. On the eve of summer, the guy graduated from the acting Department of VGIK and co-starred with his father in the melodrama “angel at heart”, they both played the main character, but in different periods of his life.

For a long time Dmitry is not told what is going on in his heart. He did not comment on the death of his son. Only once, after the premiere of their joint film, he said loudly: “Remembering myself at his age, I can say that Danya was much cooler than me in the profession”.

Recently the Singers visited the show “the Destiny of man” Boris Korchevnikov. The stars formed a warm and Frank conversation that Dmitri broke the silence. He said that in the death of his son, nobody blames: “How does it happen? Meeting classmates. All sit on the balcony. He wanted to catch up, to lift himself on the railing… No one in its care is not to blame, that is, he soared like an angel. And all…”

Daniel was born in 1990, but for many years, as it turned out, the Singers didn’t want to admit his son to participate in his life. But was the wife of Dmitry Olga Drozdova. The actor even admits that it was the main condition, which she gave him at the beginning of family life. Singers now regrets not “poobshalsya” with her older child.

“This is one of my most terrible sins, he admitted Korchevnikov. — I was tormented by the question of why so little was 22 years old? Okay, I received for their sins here. And then I realized, for me he opened the doors to the temple, he put me in front of the doors. This sense to me is paramount. Dan was very powerful, he was much cooler than I am.”