Dmitry Pevtsov took Olga Drozdov in Georgia

Дмитрий Певцов увез Ольгу Дроздову в Грузию The couple went to Tbilisi to celebrate the anniversary of the mother of the artist. Fans of Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova have already started to congratulate the star relative.

Russian actor Dmitry Pevtsov and his wife Olga Drozdova decided to fly to Georgia. The pair traveled to Tbilisi, on the birthday of the mother of the artist – he has informed in the microblog in the social network.

“Anniversary! Noemi Semenovna Robert, my mother, was born in Tbilisi on 29 June, 90 years ago. Fly congratulate. In the photo mom and dad in the late 50’s,” he told the Singers to subscribers.

Fans joined in the congratulations and noted how harmoniously the couple look at the video shared by the artist in his microblog.

Singers and Drozdova happy together for over 25 years. They try to spend together all the holidays, although often their work schedules do not coincide. Drozdov previously told how she managed to save the marriage with a man who is one of the favorite actors of the female population of Russia.

Olga Drozdova: “Dima wedlock son with a neighbor”

“I, like all of us, “adult girls”, try the situation on myself, and therefore scary… But for our family, she is on the patience of my husband. Although with age I learn this quality, understand that, said nothing, and the banks themselves, and Dima. Of course, you can speak, but what you get in return? Or you read a two-hour notation, or say: “the fool!” Is it nice? I want to always speak the truth – live in the forest. Well, no friendship, of course, nowhere. It’s a great thing and when you have found a truly close person, he can survive everything. After all, between friends anything can happen – they argue, and suffer from misunderstandings, but these rarely leave,” shared Olga with “StarHit”.