Dmitry Pevtsov is going to make concessions to Olga Drozdova

Дмитрий Певцов идет на уступки Ольге Дроздовой The actor gave an interview in which he spoke about personal things. Dmitry Pevtsov believes that to save the marriage you need all the time to work on yourself and learn to tolerate some flaws to each other. In his opinion, in this case the spouse will be happy.

Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova have been together for 26 years. During this time they never gave their fans reason to doubt the strength of their Union. Wife always respond to the warmth of each other, stressing that a happy marriage.

In one of his last interviews Dmitry has told, what qualities you need to possess in order to preserve the relationship for years to come.

“Love is work, and first of all over itself. Need to find and develop flexibility, patience and humility. Using these qualities, you can strengthen the relationship between spouses. If you have something, you can go through and go through everything,” said Singers.

Dmitri admits that he used to pamper his wife. So, the man keeps giving gifts sweetheart, tries to take care of her and protected from problems. Among the best qualities of Olga happy husband calls wisdom, the directing talent, unpredictability and spiritual power.

The main secret of a lasting marriage Singers believes the ability to be a friend for the second half. The couple have many common interests, because they both work in movies and play in the theater. Olga also shares the passion of Dmitry religion. Weekly family visits the temple, communion and praying.

Olga and Dmitry are often filmed together and try not to be separated for a long time. Fans do not get tired to admire their sincerity, noting that spouses are not only the perfect couple, but also great parents.

In an interview with the Singers told about the peculiarities of the education of his son Elisha. According to Dmitry, it is important that a ten year old boy grew up a decent man.

“We regularly compel Elisha to read, believe that knowledge obtained from books, more useful than those that are available on the Internet. Ten years later see the son of a good, decent person is the most important thing. But the profession does not matter” – shared Singers.

Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova married in December 1994. The couple did not hide that for a long time trying to become parents. In 2007 the couple had a long-awaited son Elisha. Despite the popularity and demand in the profession, the actors try to spend much time with the child.

Communicating with portal Woman’s day, Dmitry noted that he has a lot of creative plans for the future, but first the man always puts the interests of the family.