Dmitry Orlov commented on your brawl on Board the aircraft

Дмитрий Орлов прокомментировал свой дебош на борту самолета
The actor claims that he did not arrange scandals.

Photo: Andrew Airstream

Today it became known that the Belarusian airline accuses actor Dmitry Orlov, known for the films “Brother-2”, “movers and Shakers” and marriage with Irina Pegawai in brawl on Board the aircraft. According to the applicants, the incident occurred on 5 October. Dmitry returned with colleagues in Moscow and during the flight in a fit of anger, broke two chairs in the cabin. Comments on star flight attendants, the passenger did not pay attention, so we decided to call the police. Staff met Orlov at the ramp. However, after checking the actor was not arrested and no claims against him from the authorities does not arise.

As reported by “RIA Novosti”, the airline refused to comment on this controversial situation, but Dmitry Orlov has told his version of what happened.

The actor explained that while flying under it just broke the chair. He said nothing about no riot. “If I was a aviakerosene, it would have manifested a long time, I often have to fly on tour!” — says Dmitry. Also in the cabin was attended by colleagues Dmitry, who saw that he was not scandals, but the flight attendant, in contrast, was very aggressive and threatened the actor to land the plane in Smolensk and planted a careless passenger. That is it.

In the end, Dmitry Orlov made a statement about property damage, but the case was not.