Dmitry Nagiyev told about childbirth Polina Gagarina

Дмитрий Нагиев рассказал о родах Полины Гагариной
The TV host congratulated the singer live.

Polina Gagarina


Appeared on the news that Polina Gagarina gave birth the second time, was a big surprise for her fans. Singer carefully kept the pregnancy a secret even from close friends. She announced her interesting condition just recently, when, in fact, already became a mother. Now the performer keeps secret the details of delivery, not commenting on neither the baby’s gender or name. In this regard, many fans began to doubt that Pauline and in fact, again became a mother. However, the information that the family of the actress happened replenishment, confirmed on the eve of Dmitry Nagiyev.

The final broadcast of the show “the Voice. Children” presenter congratulated Pauline on the birth of a second child. “Alina Sansyzbay! Room for vote — 06. Quiet, please. We noticed that Alina sang the song Polina Gagarina we congratulations on the birth of a child… Dear Jane, history. All of the mentors who sat in this chair, we went straight to the hospital. For example, I’m afraid to sit down!” — joked Nagiyev.

Recall that Polina is the son of Andrew from his first marriage. The relationship with the father of the boy — actor Peter Kislov. … So in 2014, the singer was married a second time. She married the famous photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. Gagarin very protective of their family happiness and not let the personal life of strangers.