Dmitry Nagiyev named the death of a colleague for “Teacher” personal tragedy

Дмитрий Нагиев назвал смерть коллеги по «Физруку» личной трагедией Movie star and TV spoke about the sudden death of Yegor Lineva, who the day before got hit by a car. Dmitriy Nagiev has admitted that the news came as a real shock. According to the artist, Yegor seemed to him a very talented and cheerful person.
Дмитрий Нагиев назвал смерть коллеги по «Физруку» личной трагедией

Journalists contacted and actor Dmitry Nagiyev, who played a major role in the TNT series “the Teacher”. The actor spoke about the sudden death of a colleague Yegor Clineva. 18-year-old actor died in a massive accident on the ring road, which occurred in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The young man died at the scene. According to journalists, Yegor intended to help drivers involved in an accident.

The actor of the series “Fizruk” Egor Konaev died in an accident

Dmitriy Nagiev admitted that the guy’s death was a real blow. The actor is shocked that Egor Konaev suddenly passed away. According to star cinema and TV, he believes the incident is a personal tragedy. Dmitry and Egor worked well together, and perfectly communicated. The man was sure that Clineva expects a bright future. However, the plans of the young man was not to be. Nagiyev stressed that not all colleagues remembered him as the performer of the role of Nikita Serebryanskaya in the TV series “Fizruk”.

“He was a man with a big heart”: how do remember Yegor Clineva close

“Very hard, it is ridiculous to speak about Yegor in the past tense. A lot of people pass through our lives, through our lives. We didn’t remember. Egor, I have developed niceplace relationship. A lot of the time we spent together on the set, ate from one trough. Since he is very young, he was interested in everything. He asked, he wanted everything about the profession,” shared Harvey.
Дмитрий Нагиев назвал смерть коллеги по «Физруку» личной трагедией

According to Dmitry, Egor, he was on the same wavelength. Friendly communication between actors does not prevent the age difference. On a more qualified professional Nagiyev sometimes shared experiences and Clonaepam. He listened carefully to the older partner.

“We talked for a long time. Any advice about school, about the Institute. He has a fantastic sense of humor, we all spoke the same language. He, brat, almost immediately you have moved on, which was very pleasant. A sharp mind, and a man of remarkable acting talent. The news this morning, I take it as a personal loss,” – said the actor.

During the conversation with correspondent Dmitry Nagiyev also added that it believed Yegor Clineva very positive and cheerful. The guy stood out from the others and showed great promise. “He was a man of light, and it is either there or not. He was a very bright man,” – quoted Nagiyev website “360”.

Recall that the tragic death of a young actor it became known on Wednesday, September 27. Egor Konaev starred in the third season of “Teacher”. He played the role of a fan of the main character Sasha Mamaev. In early October, on the TNT channel scheduled the premiere of another project with the participation of the artist series “the Street.”