Dmitry Nagiyev: “Look in the fridge with longing”

Дмитрий Нагиев: «Смотрю в холодильник с тоской»

“Trying to get coffee was sweet, sausage is fatty, and the salad with a thick layer of mayonnaise”. Artist starring in the TV series “Fizruk” – when he sleeps, what he reads, what he does in his spare time and what he eats for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The rise

— I get up early and hard. If you Wake up at 8am, that’s good, but usually before 7 o’clock. Less to eat – this is normal, and less sleep is tough. For me the rising of the lark – sentence. In a semiconscious state loaded into the car and driven to work. Once Vincent Perez crossed paths on the set of the film “Kitchen in Paris”. And he was telling me how hard it was shot in Ibiza in the series. “I was picked up at 8:30 am to 5 PM I was plowing, told Vincent. And so 20 days in a row”. He looked at me and, apparently, waiting for the compassion in his eyes, and I didn’t understand: bragging about what?


– Sometimes I try to do something in my trailer. Pushups, for example. But after some time find me in the same condition and sleeping. I would love to have superpowers to pull the sides.


– He often buys me the driver. Sausage, cheese, bread. Eat, as a rule, already in the trailer.

Useful work

From 8 the morning till night daily. When was the first year of the marathon, I thought, how much work, and now do not. Last year was the summer break to five days. The transition from project to project.


Every day I assign a dish. Eat from a common pot. Therefore, when a chicken Kiev, when the herring under a fur coat. I try to have coffee was sweet, sausage is fatty, and the salad with a thick layer of mayonnaise.


– Read, but I will not say that. Someone will say: “What good taste”, and someone, “God, why he had not read it?” In social networks the news isn’t looking and just recently started “Instagram”. I am just there. Started, because in recent years has bred fraudsters posing as me.

Free time

— I’m almost there. But as soon as there is, believe me, I have things to do. I’m still the reigning world champion in communication with the ladies. Although sometimes undress after work, I look at myself in the mirror, and already it’s funny. Think: well, what sex, what is it?! Will sleep.


So sides have been drawn, try to skip dinner. After all, the secret is simple: don’t eat – and you will have happiness. Although sometimes open the refrigerator and longingly staring at him. The fridge longingly looks at me, sometimes by enticing smells. And sometimes the smells pushing, because I often forget to throw away.

The rebound

— Yesterday I forced myself to go to bed before 12 at night. Once home and protopov the path from the entrance to the toilet and from the toilet straight to bed, I realized that if you go to 12, then at 6:30 in the morning, you can stand up and recognize themselves in a mirror. Generally, I’m used to. Hard up, hard go hard go hard work. But in the lying on the couch I have no equal.

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