Dmitry Nagiev has been craving for luxury

Дмитрий Нагиев оправдался за тягу к роскоши He explained that for him it means to be rich. According to Dmitry Nagiyev, he grew up in extremely difficult financial conditions. Therefore, the artist strives to live with maximum comfort. Harvey admitted that money is very important to him.

      Dmitriy Nagiev is one of the most popular contemporary actors. At the moment, the actor starred in the Comedy “the Kitchen. The last stand” Director Anton Fedotov. The film which will be released in April of this year, represents a continuation of the sixth season of the popular series.

      Permanent employment Nagiyev gives him the opportunity to live, not denying themselves in many ways. After the Network has published a rating of the richest Russian artists, there were rumors about fabulous fees Dmitry. Showman himself applies to everything with humor. In a recent interview, he admitted to journalists that for it means luxury.

      “Because I grew up in absolute, abject poverty, I always wanted to be rich. Afraid of being branded the king of platitudes, but money is important. When we put on the thing-a replica and not the original, or do not live exactly where you want – it kills dignity. I dream that in my life as much as possible “under-“. Once I had the most expensive car in my entire life – “Charade” (Charade Daihatsu. – Approx. ed). Not much is invested in it, never knew, will start in the morning or not! Today can ride pretty decent, and sometimes even a luxury car, if not to take into account the driver that the gasket between the steering wheel and seat, which spoils the atmosphere and appearance of the cabin,” shared the actor.

      Interestingly, in one of the other interview with Dmitry Nagiyev frankly discussed his financial status. Showman told that they have not learned to properly dispose of the money. According to Nagiyev, he simply does not see. The money received for participation in projects, the actor quickly “fly”. Dmitry you have to spend a decent amount of housing in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also in constant repairs. Harvey admitted that not poor, but many things still can not afford.

      However, the celebrity is in first place in last year’s ranking of the highest paid actors according to Forbes magazine. According to the publication, in 2015, the star of film and TV has earned $ 3.2 million. Journalists reported what is the most profitable projects for Nagiyev began the series “Teacher” and show “the Voice. Children.” In addition, the entertainer has starred in commercials and was the face of chain restaurants. At the same time on the screens out Comedy “the best day” with the participation Nagiyev, grossed more than 10.7 million dollars. By the way, at the moment, Dmitry decided to try out a more “serious” role he is involved in work on the project “Unforgiven” Sarika Adreasen, he told the magazine the Hollywood Reporter.