Dmitry Nagiev has become a victim of fraud

Дмитрий Нагиев стал жертвой мошенников

Unknown people started to social network on his behalf.

Dmitry Nagiyev long abstained from the use of microblogging, did not think it was necessary and there was no time. Only recently he deal his son Cyril created a page in Instagram. Fans rejoiced, and scammers seized the opportunity and opened multiple accounts on behalf of the artist on other Internet portals. It is clear that this fact Naghiyev did not like, and in order to restore justice, he wrote videorecording.

“My dear, what shameless people put my name on “Facebook”, “Vkontakte” and on other websites, is all fakes. Everything remains on their conscience. I have only Instagram, where I am real, everything else is not fooled,” said Dmitry Nagiyev.

He also said that is the only page on Instagram under the nickname nagiev. universal, other accounts are fake.

Page Nagieva in Instagram, we note, is one of the most popular among other stars. Less than a year Nagiyev, managed to collect 2 million subscribers.

“I used to love only women, and now women and 2 million people. Go ahead,” – commented on its popularity in the microblog Dmitry.

Meanwhile Dmitry Nagiyev is not the only artist who has been the victim of fraud on social networks. Moreover, the use of name stars on other websites – the simplest thing can happen.

Worse, when unknown crack and remove the account of a star (as, for example, happened with Sati Casanova and Victoria Bonneuil) or spread to the official website obscene pictures and posts. The last case happened with Dana Borisova and Masha Malinovskaya.

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