Dmitry Maryanov died at 47 years

Дмитрий Марьянов умер в 47 лет
Appeared the first details of the sudden death of actor.

Дмитрий Марьянов умер в 47 лет

Dmitry Maryanov


Dmitry Maryanov died on 48-m to year of life. The circumstances of the death of a popular artist are being investigated. According to preliminary data reported that Dmitry was sick in the car on the way from the country to Moscow. Were with him in the car, the friends stopped at a traffic police post and escorted by police went to the hospital Lobnya. According to unconfirmed version, the cause of death could be cut off the blood clot.

Just a couple of weeks ago the portal led exclusive online broadcast from the set of the project “yellow brick Road” with Dmitry in the title role. The script on this day at the site should be a brawl some characters in the movie.

Дмитрий Марьянов умер в 47 лет

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Dmitry had a successful career in film: he starred in over 70 films and TV shows. The actor remembered by the audience roles in the films “the Countess de Monsoreau” and “radio Day” and in the TV series “the private life of investigator Saveliev,” where Maryanov played a major role. In addition, he served in theatre troupe “Lenkom”. He played in performances of “Juno and Avos”, “the Bremen town musicians”, “Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro” and many others.

Zmitser survived by his wife and little daughter. In 2015 the actor has tied the knot with Ksenia who is younger than his 17 years. Meeting with a psychologist from Kharkov radically changed the lives of Maranova. A child — eight-year-old Anfisa, the pair was hidden from the public until the wedding.

Dmitry Maryanov, “I didn’t think it would be so exciting”

“I’m worried that may not always be given to Xenia and Anfisa due attention to frequent with them. Although whenever possible, She travels with me to shoot, always accompanies me to events…” said Maryanov in an interview