Dmitry Malikov wondering who will be like a son

Дмитрий Маликов гадает, на кого будет похож сын The singer speculate in the microblog. He posted his portrait and the caption thought, how will look his child in a few years. Subscribers appreciated the sense of humor Malikov and praised his appearance.

At the end of January it became known that Dmitry Malikov son was born. A child born from a surrogate mother. Singer carefully concealed the impending addition to the family, even from close friends. However, in the day of his 48th birthday Malik confirmed that he had become a father for the second time. A few days ago, he shared with the toddler, but the boy’s face never showed.

In a new post Malikov says, adopted the child of his facial features.

“I wonder, my son will also be a big nose?”- says the artist.

Members said that Malik looks good, so his youngest child was very lucky with the genes. “Your son will like you, and you are very interesting man. Happiness to Your family!”, “Beautiful nose”, “you are all in proportion to”, “With your looks, in General, everything is fine! And your son necessarily inherits the beauty of the external and mental, talent, good heart and sharp mind”, – wrote the followers of Demetrius.

Parents of Dmitry welcome addition to the family. But no hurry to disclose the name of the child.

“I held my grandchild, shook, wept. The boy sturdy, height and weight are OK. Immediately we did the first shoot, which lasted five minutes. As a photographer, made the eldest daughter Lena Olga Izakson, she’s a professional in this business. The kid quietly endured did not cry, carefully looked at the surrounding. Then the parents put the baby to sleep, and we drank wine for his health,” said Yury Fedorovich.

The whole truth about the son of Dmitry Malikov from a surrogate mother

Some spiteful critics are actively discussing that Dmitry and Elena spent too much time thinking about becoming parents for the second time. A number of users of social networks wrote that after 50 years it is very difficult to educate the child.

“I want to say thank you all for the kind words and congratulations, and even thanks for malicious comments – your poison sting, released in my address, train my soul! I would not want to engage in polemics with the world, but those who consider it necessary to comment on our personal lives needs to hear my point of view. Now! You can have different attitudes to life and to age: to get annoyed at the young, beautiful, rich, afraid of old age and tomorrow, with horror to think about death. But there is another way – just be happy every day, loving those who were near, take care of them, not to sit still, but to act, not to dwell, but to grow and finally, not to look at your passport – there is nothing new and interesting there. Yes, still have to forgive offenders,” Elena wrote on the personal page.