Dmitry Malikov with his wife celebrated the anniversary of living together

Дмитрий Маликов с женой отметили юбилей совместной жизни
The couple have been inseparable for a quarter of a century.

Elena Malikova with daughter Stephanie

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Love story Dmitry & Elena Malkovich is admirable. Late last night the couple celebrated the restaurant’s 25th anniversary family life. On a romantic date, the star couple attended their common daughter Stefania, who left a touching congratulation for parents in a social network. “And mom and dad today 25 years of marriage! I’m undoubtedly the best at what they did together!” she joked.

Love story Dmitry & Elena began in 1992. Malikov saw the beautiful girls in the photo album of a friend and asked him to meet her. The singer admitted that when he came across the Helen, he had an Epiphany. Having her attention, Dimitri had broken up with luxury brunette. Of course, Dmitry spent a lot of time on the road, but his heart from that moment on was already taken.

In 2000, Dmitry and Elena had a daughter Stephanie, which today has become a very popular girl. In its 17 years, she manages to study in a prestigious school, and prepare for admission to the University, and participate in fashion photo shoots, and blogging in social networks. Mother Stefania sure I could give her daughter the most necessary things in life — hard work. And the heir to a pair of 100% meets expectations of parents.

Looking at the happy family Malikovich, we can assume that they know a secret “ingredient” for a happy family life. And it’s probably true. The star wife in a firm voice: “what marriage is freedom! And work on yourself and your mistakes. To live together means to live for each other. Otherwise, it is impossible. If you are not ready for such a sacrifice, then sooner or later your Alliance will crack at the seams. We must have been connected to study my own ego, but in the end we got a happy family and good children!” — says Elena in an interview.