Dmitry Malikov told about the conflict with the successor

Дмитрий Маликов поведал о конфликтах с наследницей The singer told reporters about how the raising of their child. According to Dmitry, he often has to argue with Stefania, but in the end the father and daughter is impossible to find common ground and all agree.

      46-year-old singer Dmitry Malikov – the father of a beautiful Stephanie, which is in early November debuted at the ball in the hall of columns. Recently, the artist has shared with journalists how brings up his heiress. According to Dmitri, he quite often argues with the girl, and he didn’t always have the patience to build a bridge between himself and the daughter. However, in the end, Malikov turns to find a compromise with Stefania and to iron out misunderstandings.

      “My parents are with me, of course, was much easier. At that time they were my main source of information. As a parent I chose this position: in any case not to teach in didactic form: “This right, because I said so, and not otherwise”. For example, with Stesha we often argue, but in the end always come to an agreement. I understand that children are not required to obey absolutely everything. Otherwise they will grow up to become independent individuals?”, – said Dmitry Malikov told reporters.

      We will remind that not so long ago Stefaniya Malikova shone in Greek apparel brand Alberta Ferretti at the ball edition of Tatler. Your way Malikov added decorations of the brand Chanel. Some fans of the young it-girl found her outfit too revealing, and began to criticize him. “Debutante – a young lady, traditionally dressed in white and dancing in the opening ceremony. I think Leo Tolstoy in this airy, light, graceful, elegant and simple dress I wanted to show Natasha Rostova with her childlike smile and the desire to give all my love to the guests,” replied Stephanie.

      Stesha Malikova presented boyfriend’s friends from high society

      By the way, after one of the main social events this fall the father of the debutante has decided to get in touch with youth culture and went to St. Petersburg for a rap battle. The guests gladly accepted Malikov, and the actor gladly took pictures with everyone. “Dmitry is the man, goes in pace with time”, “looks Great”, “Must have come for inspiration – new syllables and rhymes,” was discussed by users of social networks.

      Readers of Twitter artist could notice that he is watching what is currently popular among the younger generation. So, Malikov praised rap battle Miron Fyodorov, better known as Oxxxymiron, and quoted from the group “Caspian cargo”. Perhaps the passion of youth culture allows Dmitry easy enough to find common language with her daughter, who next year will finish the 11th grade. By the way, why the artist did not approve Stephanie for the lead role in the play “Flip the game”. In an interview with Hello! the singer admitted that education heiress for him now in the first place.