Дмитрий Маликов показал сына In the new video the singer took her youngest child. Dmitry Malikov answered numerous requests of fans to show his young son Mark. He became the main character of the video for the new song performed by famous dad.

Dmitry Malikov became a father for the second time this winter. Boy him and his wife Elena gave birth to a surrogate mother in a clinic in St. Petersburg.

The news that Malikova became parents again became a sensation. The couple has an adult daughter Stephanie, she just turned 18 years old. Some fans of the singer have criticized it for later fatherhood (Malikov – 48, and his wife is 55), but most sincerely congratulated. Every day Malikov and his wife asked to show the baby to tell us more about the new member of the famous family. Dmitry answered all at once, removing the five-month Mark in his new video for the song “the Last romantic”. At the end of the video in the frame appears Malikov with his son on his hands.

The whole truth about the son of Dmitry Malikov from a surrogate mother

Дмитрий Маликов показал сына

Dmitry and Elena Malikova is one of the strongest pairs in Russian show business. They are together for 25 years. The singer and his wife are always there, always together, they support each other in all endeavors and are not ashamed publicly to confess his love. Malikov said that dreamed of the heir, so now really happy.

“I am very happy. It has been well said that every man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. I really wanted an heir. I have a wonderful daughter, I love her very much, but she will get married and will wear another name. And I really wanted to continue the race Malkovich”, – said Malikov.
Дмитрий Маликов показал сына

New song Dmitry Malikov in the video, which first appeared his youngest child, written in the best traditions of the artist. The song “the Last romantic”, of course, is a story about love. The shooting took place on the streets of Moscow and in the library. Dostoevsky.