Dmitry Malikov shared erotic fantasies

Дмитрий Маликов поделился эротическими фантазиями The musician sees unusual dreams. Dmitry Malikov does not hesitate of such bold dreams and even shares with his wife the fact that he draws the subconscious. The wife of the artist Elena not jealous of her husband.

      Musician Dmitry Malikov for 25 years, lives together with his wife Elena and daughter Stesha. The actor has admitted that he is happy in the relationship. In the “OK.” he said that despite the long-term relationship with the chosen one, he admits that he sees frivolous dreams. Moreover, Elena also shares the fact that at night, she draws the imagination. Dmitry Malikov: “Stesha complaining about my mom”

      “Melodies of dream, this happened. But more often I dream about an unknown girl. And my wife, too, something of the dream she tells me. Jealous need, if in reality”, – said the musician.

      Today, the musician takes part in various projects – he is now actively working on a musical. However, fans looking forward to his new singles. Malik admits that waiting for inspiration to come to build a real hit. The artist understands that he can not speak in the same style as in the late 90s and early 2000s.

      “To engage youth pop music in a very advanced age – it’s not healthy. Change like Madonna, constantly changing images is not a man’s job,” – said the musician.

      Nevertheless, Dmitry is not against to try itself in a new direction in music. The artist believes that change is necessary for everyone. He promised the fans that soon they will be able to assess unexpected experiment – Malikov recorded quite unusual song.

      “I’m not ready to rap, but I’m willing to do tracks with rappers. Soon, I hear, I have one track on the approach. It is a provocative song, but it is within what is permitted. And there will be dialogue. I’ll have something to hum, but somewhere and say, – says Dmitry. – In principle, melodic rap – a direction choice. I really do wonder, I want to be relevant, I want to keep up with the times. I do not want to be a retro artist. Need collaboration, and fresh people modern ideas.”