Dmitry Malikov says the daughter an example to follow

Дмитрий Маликов считает дочь примером для подражания The actor admitted that focuses on Stephanie when it comes to social networks. The girl recently became a student at the prestigious Metropolitan University, is already working with the fashion with popular account on Instagram.

The singer Dmitry Malikov burst into the territory of YouTube and is gaining recognition in young audiences. The artist actively “Twitter” pleasure becomes the guest of the show Big Russian Boss and cooperates with the Petersburg works Yuri Khovansky. Dmitry recently gave an interview in which he shared his creative plans and talked about the relationship with his daughter Stephanie.

The “Instagram” heiress Malikova more than 480 thousand subscribers. Despite her young age, Stephanie has already for a living and collaborates with major brands.

“I’m with her I take an example. She is a student, enrolled in the MGIMO, is a journalist. She’s not doing it [social media] seriously. It is such a tool now to Express themselves somehow. As a person, not just as a musician. Previously, it was enough to release two or three songs a year, and you’re a star. And now I need somewhere to constantly be to be on everyone’s mind,” shared the singer.

During a tour in Yekaterinburg Dmitry visited “the Yeltsin centre” and Museum of fine arts. After only half an hour after Malik left the walls of the local cultural institutions, the network appeared the news about his visit. The contractor admitted that he had been very surprised by the speed of local journalists. “It’s quite curious,” said the artist. According to Dmitry, life has become very active.

“Everything comes very quickly. Not everybody likes it, especially people age. I’m trying to not only look good but also feel young. My daughter most of the maiden this work on the Internet. Collaborates with shops, dreams to share, experiences. Her “Instagram” is the personification of the young of this perception of the world, of her age,” he says.

In the nearest plans of Dmitry Malikov – a solo track. The singer is going to appear in a new for his fans role. “I read there rap. Very fast. This grew out of the desire to be relevant,” explained the musician. Dmitri believes that his new song may please the audience.

Another reason Malik decided to become a rapper – it’s refereeing in the project Versus Battle. The artist says that he considers himself a peaceful man and is unlikely to participate in public squabbles with opponents. However, if the contractor has offered to host a comic duel, he would have called for a “duel” of Igor Nikolaev and Vladimir Presnyakov, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Igor Nikolaev publicly apologized to Dmitry Malikov