Dmitry Malikov is going to raise my son the real man

Дмитрий Маликов собирается воспитать сына настоящим мужчиной Singer and songwriter talked about how she sees his heir, which came to light in January of this year. Dmitry Malikov believes that boys need to spend more time than girls. The artist intends to give the child an example.
Дмитрий Маликов собирается воспитать сына настоящим мужчиной

This year, Dmitry Malikov again became a father. The artist son was born. Joyful event in the life of a star has occurred in one of the clinics of St. Petersburg, specializing in reproductive medicine. Now Dmitry is trying to devote all free time to the baby. Recently, the artist gave an interview to Elena Sever, in which he spoke about his work, charitable activities and education of children.

According to Dmitry, he wants his son to a real man. Singer believes that the boy needs a father who will spend more time with him.

“I’m just suggesting, and I understand that I will need to give him [son] more attention. The girl is a girl, and a boy needs a father and example. I ski, play tennis, football and hockey to have some minimal… the Only thing I don’t do martial arts, but it is also important. The boy needs to be with the character, he should be able to overcome obstacles and difficulties. You need to spend much time with him, be sure to clearly understand in what direction it will be interesting to develop, to give physical exertion and builds character. I think in this direction”, – told the artist in the “North. True stories”.

Elena Sever asked Dmitry what will be his reaction if the son expresses the desire to become a musician. “I can’t say that I would be happy with this decision. On the other hand, interfere too will not. Generally, the child needs very much to take five. He needs to get used to the work”, – said the singer and composer.

During the conversation with the leading program Malikov has also shared plans for the future. Soon Dmitry is going to present a new track and clip. On Twitter the artist was a funny animated image, which has apparently sealed a fragment of his future videos. Malik commented on the footage in his usual ironic manner. “He found himself in company Wagtails. I wanted to make a GIF. In General, creatively full, brothers!” – joked the singer.

According to Malikov, he wants to release modern pop music. Singer soberly refers to the popularity of social networks and says she got the younger generation of “credibility”.

“I got the youth audience as a person, not as an artist, because they do not meet their views and requirements. Don’t want and can’t do tracks such as the Face or the Pharaoh. Now I’m trying to use the credit. Still quality in pop music is that they are not turned away. I don’t know if it will work. The wait is long. I think that the track will be released within this month,” shared the actor.
Дмитрий Маликов собирается воспитать сына настоящим мужчиной

Daughter of the stars trying to support someone in his activities. “She takes it very calmly, friendly. Like all girls her age, she is busy with her life, recently entered the University, – said Malikov. – Certainly, as a future journalist, she watches my interviews. She watched as I talked to the Dude, Big Russian Boss. She likes. As for the songs, her tastes change, Stesha listens to different music.”

Last year the heir to the famous family have released a striking video for the song “Hey DJ!”. The video, which managed to recruit about 460 thousand views on YouTube, sparked a mixed reaction from the audience.

“The video is bright, Yes. Well, it is at the level of experiments, we initially to it so treated. I just had a little help from her musically, the visual part of a more involved mom. Today, the Internet allows you to do with less responsibility, just to experiment. But if you aim to become a professional artist, then you another demand. Had the opportunity, Stesha tried. I don’t see she’s got a big craving for it. I think it was a whole person absorb important information,” – said the singer.