Дмитрий Маликов познакомил дочь и сына A few days ago, the famous singer became a father for the second time. Successor Dmitry Malikov was born in one of medical institutions of Saint-Petersburg. Earlier this week, the actor and his wife arrived in Moscow with the baby.

Dmitry Malikov has brought a little son, born last week, home in Moscow. Charming baby was born in one of elite clinics of Saint-Petersburg, working in reproductive medicine. The actor and his wife Helen used the services of a surrogate mother.

Dmitry Malikov has officially announced the birth of his son

The couple arrived in cultural capital, to take delivery, and worked with the child for a few days. Earlier this week, Dmitry and Elena returned to the capital. Daughter Stefania couple and other relatives finally met the new member of the family. This was the successor of the actor has informed in the microblog.

“Yesterday I met the whole family returned from St. Petersburg,” shared Stephanie.

The relatives of Dmitry and Elena prepare for their arrival. They decorated housing a pair of balloons with a blue colour and made pancakes. Users of social networks Malikov congratulated and wished his family all the best. “Lovely”, “You rock”, “baby’s Health”, “Love and prosperity”, – commented on the Internet.

By the way, in the picture, which appeared on Instagram of Stephanie, you can also see works of art hanging on the walls of the house Malikovich. The daughter of singer chose “tablewrite” paintings, which caused confusion among a number of followers. “As shown in the picture that in the background?”asked one of podeschi girls. Careful users of social networks have come to the conclusion that it depicted a half-naked woman. It is possible that the successor Malikov have used a graphical editor, for fear of blocking on Instagram.

Friends of Dmitry joined the warm wishes of his fans. Recently Igor Nikolaev publicly congratulated his colleague in show business happy birthday and a replenishment of the family.

“Dima, I know you don’t like greetings through social networks, but here recently you yourself congratulated his nephew Dima does not like something, and it is through Instagram, so I thought maybe you had reconsidered your attitude to these public congratulations? In any case, I sincerely congratulate you and love. I value our long-predolgoy friendship! – shared the artist. – You’re 10 years younger than me, and apparently it will happen every January. Well, fine, just as long as possible! Hugs, happy birthday! With the birth of his son! By the way, what’s his name? Hi Lena, Stesha, Inna and parents.”

Malik thanked a good friend for the nice words and admitted that he had not yet chosen a name for my son. Friends of Dmitry and his wife Helen help them to make a difficult decision.