Дмитрий Маликов унизил коллег The singer often causes ambiguous reaction of the public to their messages in social networks. This time Dmitry tried to explain to the fans how to achieve success in show business. According to the artist, you need to be a certain nationality and orientation.
Дмитрий Маликов унизил коллег

Dmitry Malikov shared with Internet users the secret of how to become a star. The day before in the microblog Twitter the Russian singer have appeared provocative post that explains what you need to be to conquer show business.

“How to achieve success in the show-meringue? It’s very simple..you either PED******in, or Jewishness, but better – ****PED*th the Jews! I have neither the one nor the other…” – was written by Malikov.

Дмитрий Маликов унизил коллег

Not all fans liked his reasoning. “Do you want to build yourself a homophobic and xenophobic audience?” – asked the users of the Network.

He later Malikov explained that in his words there is nothing offensive and insulting. According to the artist, it is his personal opinion.

“This observation, but there is no negative attitude to any categories…” – said Dmitry.

Malik is often sharing with fans thoughts, news and reflections. Artist first reported on Twitter about the death of Dmitri Hvorostovsky, but then deleted the post and tried to apologize to the family of an Opera singer.

Loyal fans Malikov sometimes wonder what has caused such strange behavior. The artist himself admitted that mocks himself, aware that for today’s youth, he is a character from the past. In the spring of Dmitry even went to beauty blogger Natalia yaschuk, which is quite popular in Instagram.

“I finally decided to change its image and turned to the most popular beauty blogger in the country Natasha. Urgently go to her page to see the second and equally funny video with my participation,” – said Malikov fans.

Most fans appreciated the updated hairstyle Dmitry, others condemned Malikov for a very silly attempt to regain popularity.

It is worth noting that in recent times the work of Dmitriy barely interested spectators and listeners. For several months the public is discussing personal life of the singer, because in January he became a father again. A surrogate mother carried him and his wife Elena boy. The artist together with his wife carefully concealed even from the relatives of the imminent addition to the family.

The baby was born in a fertility clinic “Ava-Peter” in St. Petersburg. Dmitry and Elena have long dreamed of a boy, their eldest daughter, Stefania, also insanely excited brother in the world. For a long time, the singer with his wife could not choose the name of the son, but settled on the brand.

“This is the main event of the past year of my life, – admitted Dmitry. – I am absolutely happy!”.