Dmitry Malikov has radically changed her image

Дмитрий Маликов кардинально сменил имидж
The singer appeared in an unexpected way.

Photo: Instagram

Fans are accustomed to seeing Dmitry Malikov in a shirt and jacket. The singer prefers the classic style of clothing. His favorite color is black, although sometimes it can be found in a white shirt or grey jacket. Shape star wears only when playing football or Jogging. Hair he wears parted in the middle. This hairstyle over the years has become almost the hallmark of the singer. Experiments he allows himself only on the TV screen, if required by the scenario of the show.

Last night, Dmitry appeared in social networks in a rather unusual form. Malikov combed the hair back and clearly cemented their styling product strong hold. The singer wore jeans (really, a classic color and cut), tight black t-shirt, heavy chain on the neck and biker leather gloves. The complement sunglasses shape drop.

“You will go!” — immediately began to write Dmitry fans.

“Look younger!” — agreed with them more.

Really, such a little hooligan style visually made the 47-year-old singer is 10-15 years younger. Some of the subscribers, however, have suspected Dmitry midlife crisis. Supposedly all of these changes could be an expression of psychological problems of man.

In fact, the photo shows that Dmitry is in the dressing room, and this means that the image was made either for concert or for a fashion photo shoot.