Дмитрий Маликов посвятил песню Сергею Шнурову The composer congratulated the Cord third place in the ranking of richest celebrities. Dmitry Malikov wrote a humorous opus, which recognizes the supremacy of songs of group “Leningrad” on popular songs from other musicians. Fans Malikov wait for his duet with the Cord.

      The famous composer and singer Dmitry Malikov has written a new song that he dedicated to another equally popular musician, leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurova.

      On the create a new composition Dmitry Malikov inspired the rating of “Forbes” magazine, according to which Sergey Shnurov took the third place among the richest Russian celebrities. The musician has focused on the fact that after such a triumphant ascent of the Cord to other authors it is useless to create anything, still all credit will go to the group “Leningrad”.

      Dmitry Malikov has managed to record a new song and made its premiere right in the microblog, showing a terrific sense of humor and ability to joke about yourself.

      “You neither sang nor played, everyone would still listen to Shnurov. “Forbes” yesterday, you wrote about it. Mood – the rubbish, the weather is gloomy. Th, th, sings Malikov, depicting on the face of universal sadness.

      Video posted by Dmitry Malikov (@dmitriy_malikov) Jul 22 2016 8:36 PDT

      Joke of the composer immediately appreciated by fans of his work. “Waiting for the Duo with a Cord! This is gonna be amazing”, “Awesome, and live is badass somehow”, “Dima, you are great, I love you,” “continuing the theme of folk art for Dmitry Malikov: the Sun from behind the clouds after a rain. Basque and Mikhailov only for dummies. The cord is too heavy for me. For me there is only Dmitry Malikov! Oh yeah. About her. Lai laaaa”, “Sense of humor – offset!”, sounds like their fans Dmitry Malikov opened from an unexpected quarter, and they are happy about that. Himself Sergey Shnurov for the dedication has yet to respond.

      Recall that the leader of group “Leningrad” for the year earned more than almost all Russian celebrities, it became known in the end of last week. According to the magazine “Forbes” Cord took third place in the ranking of richest performers, ahead of Philip Kirkorov. According to estimates edition, Cord was able to earn $ 11 million, one of his speech is about 100 thousand dollars.

      The popularity of the “Leningrad” is breaking all records. One of the last songs of the group, “Exhibit”, became an Internet hit. In January of this year, the video for this song just three days looked at more than six million people. New clip of group “Leningrad” has become an Internet hit in Russia

      Interest in the Exhibit doesn’t fall and increases. The song twist in the trendy discotheques, and the clip continues to discuss. Actress Julia Topol’nitskiy, who played a major role in it, was the real star.


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