Дмитрий Маликов оправдался за работу со скандальным блогером The singer told about cooperation with Internet star Yuri Khovansky. Not so long ago Dmitry Malikov has amazed his fans with an unexpected duet. The artist has recorded a collaborative song with Khovansky, who is known thanks to a rather provocative videos and statements.
Дмитрий Маликов оправдался за работу со скандальным блогером

A week ago, Dmitry Malikov has surprised fans with a new duet. The artist has recorded a joint track with the infamous St. Petersburg blogger Yury Khovansky. By the time of this writing, the video for the song “Ask your mother” has garnered over 12 million views on YouTube. Social media users welcomed the work of the famous singer and teen idol, supporting her hundreds of thousands of likes.

Dmitry Malikov caught on a date with a young girl

Recently Dmitry Malikov gave an interview to the journalist Yuri Dude that was published on the YouTube channel “wdwd”. During the conversation with the chief editor in sports, the actor spoke about cooperation with Khovansky and also about the attitude popular among young people rap battles.

In recognition Malikov, he wanted to record a joint song with another famous person. Like any duet it’s hard enough to organize, says the singer. Yuri Khovansky music star met at the “Versus”. When the blogger sent your offer to Dmitry, he found it quite interesting and decided to work with him.

“I wrote on Twitter: “someone to hook up With fit (a joint track – Approx. ed.)?” Completely normal and natural desire. If we talk about the duets, it is very difficult to make an interesting duet – creative and fashion… When I wrote on Twitter, I just wanted something new, fresh and interesting. The only person who really and quickly responded, was Yuri Khovanskii,” – shared the singer.
Дмитрий Маликов оправдался за работу со скандальным блогером

According to Malikov, he is not the author of words and music to the song “Ask your mother”. The actor got acquainted with a ready offer Khovanskii and altered it a little for themselves.

As told Dmitry Malikov, he followed the creative stars of the Internet, which takes quite provocative commercials and widely known because of conflicts with other celebrities, in particular, with Noize MC. At the time, Yuri sternly spoke about his opponent, which caused criticism from the public. Phrase popular rapper Oxymoron that young man went too far, provoked heated debate on the Network.

“No, I haven’t studied what he does. I understand that the “Versus” in this culture, a lot of the Mat. As a public person, I try not to use words like that in public. For me it was important that the track is not carrying special vulgarity, and he turned out to be. In our work two main review: “the First movie where Khovanskii swearing” and “Voice Malikov sounds cool”. And, both surprisingly and pleasantly,” said Dmitry.

Yuri Dude shared with the artist details the confrontation between the blogger and Noize MC. Once Khovanskii allowed a negative statement against mother of the rapper. “I didn’t know about it,” explained Malik. The singer also noted that an insult to the relatives – the usual reception for the participants and audience of rap battles. “They have it in normal things,” said Dmitry. In his turn, the Dude asked Malikov, would have changed his attitude to work together with Khovansky in light of the above events.

“I would be more thoughtful. I watched his statements, I watched his videos, they are also quite provocative. Not “Khovanskii beer drinkers” and those in which he at the cemetery, something else… Well, he has such things. But me in it he said that he very politely, tactfully and respectfully communicate with me and behaving very decently. For me, at least,” said the artist.