Dmitry Malikov hard going through a crisis

Дмитрий Маликов тяжело переживает кризис Famous actor remembers its former popularity. Dmitry Malikov is recognized that while it cannot create a hit, which would become a landmark in his career and got in the mood of a large number of people. He admits that this should be a very sensitive musician.

      The famous singer Dmitry Malikov has enjoyed incredible popularity in the 90-ies and in the early 2000s. over time, However, the glory gradually faded away. Nevertheless, the artist continues to work to the delight of the fans and implementing new projects. He plays in the play, is engaged in producing and composing instrumental music.

      Dmitry is not seeking constantly flickering on the screen in the pursuit of popularity – for it is the quality of the material with which he will speak. However, fans are still waiting for the artist’s new hits, but Malik believes that he is now in a crisis situation.

      “And as soon as I have the song the level of “C scratch”, “You’re the one, you’re like,” I’m from everywhere. Just this song is hard to do today. And I have recent years, this wasn’t very good. But no one do not get always. I’m 28 years on stage. Need to be sensitive musician and producer to make modern pop product”, – says the artist.

      Dmitry Malikov tries to adhere to “Golden mean” – not seeking to be constantly in the public eye, so as not to bore the audience. The man believes that the scene should appear young performers. It’s possible, that’s why he encourages creativity of his daughter Stasi Malikova. Summer, the girl released the song “Just for us” and presented a video. The heir to a musician recently turned 17 years old. Now she is studying in the 11th grade, preparing to enter the University, however, took the time to foreign travel during holidays and Hobbies likes. Parents Stasi Malikova are preparing her for the difficult life

      Apparently, the famous father support the daughter’s desire to perform on stage. The man believes that her creativity students will be able to appreciate. He believes that artists, who for a long time are on stage, do not be surprised when their site tend to take new players.

      “Just the natural generational change, and we need to treat it properly. Pop music is emotion young and we become old-fashioned. Over the years we get used to its success, we begin to be lazy and go with the flow,” admitted Malik in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.