Дмитрий Маликов впервые показал лицо младшего сына
Little Mark turned six months.

Dmitry Malikov with his son mark

Photo: Instagram

The younger son Dmitry Malikov was six months. Apparently, the musician
decided that the little mark already at the age when it’s time to show the fans
his face. The father and son touched fans
the star, who found many similarities of the child with her older sister Stesha.

“So like a sister”, “Brand Health and happiness of your entire family!!!”, ”
Dima, great photograph of Sonny with a mark. Dima, you look Great in charge all this time
the young Pope.Wish Mark good health, to grow Omnicom, obedient,
so pleasing to mom and dad for his achievements and ROS
to the delight of mom and dad. Dima, you give us only positive emotions. Dima, do not
waste time and energy on stupid people. Dima, the best solution to go to work
on writing magic instrumentalnoy or another magical song or relax
to stay and spend more time son mark , daughter Stephanie and
wonderful wife Elena. Dima, hold your head up hold your head high and all
will be well,” wrote the wishes of the parent fans.

A few months ago when the baby was born, it seemed that more than all
happy and the little boy’s sister, 18-year-old Stefania. She published a touching
photos with a baby in her arms and claimed that it is incomparable
happiness. However, thanks to his father, apparently, Stashu began to tear at the usual
children’s jealousy.

In early July dad and daughter together cultural time. They visited
an exhibition of Vasily Vereshchagin, which is being held in the Tretyakov gallery.
Thereafter, both published in their personal blogs, photo sharing.

“Excursion with my daughter to a Museum… What could be better?! Only
son of football!” — wrote under the daughter Malikov.

The first comment under the post left Stephanie. “It’s a shame!” — wrote
it. Malik ignored the reaction of his daughter.