Dmitry Malikov fell in love with the Julianna Karaulova

Dmitry Malikov fell in love with the Julianna Karaulova
Singer and people’s artist of Russia recorded a joint version of the beloved by many generations of the song “snowflake” from the movie “Magicians”.

Dmitry Malikov and Yulianna Karaulova

Photo: @dmitriy_malikov/Instagram

“If snowflake melts in the palm of your hand will not melt, Until the clock twelve beat…” One of those songs – of course, “snowflake”, written by composer Eugene Krylatov and poet Leonid Derbenyov music kinoskazki “Magicians” (1982), where the sounds in the narration performed by Olga Rozhdestvenskaya and VIA “Good fellows”.

This song decided to give new life Yulianna Karaulova and Dmitry Malikov.”Snowflake” — a great, already classic song which every year creates a wonderful festive mood — says Dmitry. — I think our new version, made by all the laws of modern sound and the trendy electronic sound, give it a new breath and it will live on and delight the youth.”

The combination of romantic votes Malikov and Karaulova has brought into the song even more lyricism and warmth — not fabulous, but very real.

“Julianna reminded me of the main character of “Wizards”, which incidentally, was my childhood crush — I loved the artist Alexander Yakovlev, — says Dmitry. — In addition, with Julianna we have long-standing friendly relations. We crossed on tour, and talked. And during the participation of Julianna in the project “Factory of stars” we had a duet, and I loved her amazing voice, that I was very glad when she began to receive solo career. Now was a chance to do something together. I think it turned out very pretty, fresh and modern.”

Yuliana Karaulova very warmly about Dmitry Malikova. “For me Dimitri is a legend of the Russian stage, and it is very nice when a man flattering comments about your singing — says Julianna. — I easily caught the atmosphere of the songs, because this year winter in Moscow has come very early. I arrived at the Studio rink after the regular training for the project “Ice age”, so my mood was more than in winter (smiles). We recorded this song within an hour. Easy Christmas story, I think, must always occur in the same breath”.