Dmitry Malikov explained why he wanted a son

Дмитрий Маликов объяснил, почему мечтал о сыне In January of this year, famous singer once again became a father. Dmitry and Elena Malkovich charming heir was born, the name of which they haven’t been chosen yet. As it turned out, the couple several years I dreamed about the new addition to the family.
Дмитрий Маликов объяснил, почему мечтал о сыне

On the eve of his 48th birthday Dmitry Malikov became a father for the second time. The singer and his wife Helen used the services of a surrogate mother. The heir of a pair appeared in one of the clinics of St. Petersburg. A few days after the happy event the couple came home to Moscow with a beautiful baby and introduced him to other members of a large and happy family.

Dmitry and Elena have a daughter Stephanie. 17-year-old girl studying in MGIMO, faculty of journalism. Over a long period of time Dmitry Malikov dreamed about another child. The actor admitted that he wanted a son.

“I am very happy. It has been well said that every man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. I really wanted an heir. I have a wonderful daughter, I love her very much, but she will get married and will wear another name. And I really wanted to continue the race Malkovich” – told by journalists.

Dmitry’s wife added that they wanted to be parents again. “We have ten years of dreaming about the child, but nothing worked,” shared the wife of a famous singer.

Now the couple choose the name for the baby. “What if his wife like the name Apollo?”lamented the artist on Twitter. Fans Malikov offered him their own versions of social networks. “Dim, say that as the son has called the Cord. It’s true. But you also do not need such a rhyme (by the way, Sergei named his son in honor of Apollo Grigoriev),” shared with the artist journalist Vasily Utkin.

Due to the fact that Dmitry Malikov preferred not to publicize information about the planned addition to the family, the news came as a surprise to his fans and caused heated discussions in social networks. Last weekend, the artist’s wife Elena replied spiteful critics in the microblog.

“You can have different attitudes to life, and to age – annoyed at the young, beautiful, rich, afraid of old age and tomorrow, with horror to think about death… But there is another way – just be happy every day, loving those who were near, take care of them, not to sit still, but to act, not to let go, and to develop and, finally, not to look at your passport – there is nothing new and interesting there,” shared the wife of a star.

Elena added that after the birth of a son “at one love on this earth was anymore.” Close couples can’t get enough of their long-awaited happiness and congratulations on the new addition to the family. About it Dmitry Malikov told the magazine “Hello!”.