Дмитрия Маликова поздравляют с рождением второго ребенка According to some, people’s artist of Russia and his wife Elena became parents. It is alleged that the heir Dmitry Malikov was born in one of the elite medical institutions. The singer has so far refrained from comment.

On Friday night, the Network appeared information about the fact that 47-year-old Dmitry Malikov again became a father. According to some reports, the actor and his wife Helen decided to hire the services of a surrogate mother. The happy event occurred recently in one of St. Petersburg’s elite medical institutions.

Dmitry Malikov and his wife Elena did not advertise the preparations for the replenishment of the family, so this news came as a surprise to fans of the artist. Fans Malikov congratulate him on social media and I wish the baby grow up healthy and happy. According to many, Dmitri is a wonderful father.

By the way, on Friday, the actor congratulated his nephew on the day of birth — January 26, Dmitry Malikov, Jr. was 19 years old. The singer shared archival photograph taken when he was very young. “Dima, your success and happiness is an important component for our family, don’t let me down!”— wrote the famous singer in the microblog.

Recently a famous actor is increasingly appearing in the news. Dmitry Malikov wins the youth audience with witty publications on Twitter and new songs. So, at the end of last year, the contractor has submitted the Christmas version of the hit “Rose wine”, recorded together with the controversial blogger Yury Khovansky, and a few months before this has released a music video for the song “Emperor of Twitter.” Therefore, some social media users decided that the information about the new addition to the family of the stars may well be a provocation.

Reporters contacted the people’s artist of Russia with the request to comment on the information on the birth of her second child. Dmitry Malikov did not refute or confirm these data, limited to a few words. Correspondents reported that the singer received congratulations, but evaded further questioning. “Thanks, but I don’t want to comment. I need a little time”, — quotes Malikov SUPER.

Recall that the daughter of Dmitry Malikov Stefania was born in February 2000. After receiving secondary education, the girl arrived in MGIMO’s faculty of journalism. The wife of the artist Elena also has heiress Olga Isakson. It is known that she had a good relationship with Malikov.