Dmitry Koldun was born the daughter

У Дмитрия Колдуна родилась дочь
The singer became a father for the second time.

Dmitry Koldun with his wife Victoria

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Dmitry Koldun until recently hid that is preparing to become a father again. In order not to involve his family too much attention, the singer even sent his wife Victoria in Minsk, at home. And today, 25 April, in the star family was born
daughter. The details of the Sorcerer has not yet reported, but it is known that the mother and newborn daughter are doing well.

Most of all rejoiced in the son of Dmitry Koldun — 3-year-old Yang. According to the singer, the boy was looking forward to the birth of a sister.

We will remind, Dmitry and Victoria got married in 2012. Spouses countrymen, about from Minsk. They started Dating while students, respectively, in
16 – and 15-year-old. For so many years their relationship had to endure
a lot of tests, and there was a period where it could have disgracefully come to the end.

a year after the wedding, the couple a son was born Jan. “There is another person to love, to protect,
to take care of him, worry about him. It’s very cool, I like it, ‘ said the Sorcerer in an interview.— You know,
many say, what age to raise a child. “He got me started
to go – can we start?” You’re already late. So I try more time
to spend with him. I get, I try to share a part of themselves”.

Now the boy is three years old, but no one saw the faces of the baby. The parents carefully guard
the child from the attention of the audience, they, like many celebrities, are very superstitious and
afraid of too much attention.

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