Dmitry Koldun for the second time became a father

Дмитрий Колдун во второй раз стал отцом

The singer had a daughter.

Today, April 25, Dima the Sorcerer has notified its subscribers in the social network that he had a daughter: “I want to share joy! Today the world has become a more sun! Our family had a daughter!!! Love you, Victoria Sorcerer (wife of Dmitri and the Sorcerer. — Approx. Woman’s Day). Thank you for your son and daughter!”

It is known that the baby was born in one of maternity hospitals of Minsk, in the hometown of their parents. Dmitry daughter have not seen, because the film “to a Tee” he could not leave the capital. And only may 25, he scheduled a concert in Belarus. Perhaps, then, his entire close-knit family and meet. Maybe even before that!

The second pregnancy of the spouse of the Sorcerer Victoria remained a mystery not only for fans of the singer but also for his colleagues. The website “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the Sorcerer admitted that she named her daughter Alice, her height was 51 cm and a weight of 3200 g.

Alice, we recall, became for Dmitry and Victoria’s second child. The couple has two-year son John, also born in absolute secrecy.

By the way!

Also today, April 25, for the third time became a mother for the singer Jasmine. She gave birth to a boy is 54 cm and a weight of 3350 g. the Boy named Myron was my grandfather on my father’s side. Read more here.

And this day began with the confirmation news of the third pregnancy of singer Alsu. The celebrity shared with reporters that she should give birth in September. The sex of the baby she left in secret. But her fans hope that this time it will be the long-awaited boy.

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