Dmitry Khrustalev travels with mom in Europe

Дмитрий Хрусталев путешествует с мамой по Европе
The showman has shown the most beloved person in Paris.

Dmitry Khrustalev mom

Photo: Instagram

Dmitry Khrustalev went to the long-awaited vacation:
fellow traveler he took the most beloved and dear woman in the world — his mother. TV presenter
I chose a very rich route through Europe. Travelers have already visited France,
where enjoyed the beauty of the Mediterranean sea and walked around Paris.

Photos, where a happy mother with a famous son
posing against the backdrop of the city of love, Khrustalyov on his page in the social network
signed so that his fans were deeply moved to tears.

“Planet stops its move, — says Mitya, — flit around invisible to other iridescent creatures, the throat slightly
squeezes, but from the eyes here gush the fountains, when my mother, the only near and dear ones
people in all parallel universes!”

The next country that Mitya decided to show mum became
Holland. Caring son will continue to show a happy mother of Europe until the end of may

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