Дмитрий Хрусталев закрутил роман с молодой певицей The beloved entertainer was the soloist of group “Dynamite” Diana Ivanitskaya. The young people met online and then continued to communicate in real life. Dmitry Khrustalev I gave her an awesome surprise by organizing a quest, after which she discovered a special gift.

      Дмитрий Хрусталев закрутил роман с молодой певицей

      Last week, co-host of the show “Evening Urgant” Khrustalev first came out with a new companion on the show designer Lolita Satkowski Dmitry appeared with Diana Ivanytska, the soloist of group “Dynamite”. They met this summer in the social network.

      “Dima was signed on my “Instagram” – said Diana “StarHit”. – August 17, my birthday, congratulated and wished well to note. Then on the occasion I was robbed. Was terribly hurt, and I published a photo and story about it in social networks. Then Dima wrote to me direct and asked what happened. I cried to him. He said: “what money was that?” Said that the study of English in Oxford. Then he suggested: “let’s play quest”. I agreed.”

      Comedian voiced the girl offers circumstances: “You, Larissa, I’m innocent. From 23.00 to 03.00 today, you will receive instructions. Wait.”

      “The night really had a message, continues Diana. – It said that at 11 am I have already be collected. Feeling adventurous, I got the following instructions to get to the restaurant “Mario” on the ruble. I was sure that Dima would just bring flowers and offer to coffee. But there it was! Further instructions were: 4 minutes, stand on the porch of an institution, send innocent text. Then turn left and go 12 steps to the booth. From there, turn around and do 15 steps in a North-westerly direction to the tree with the number 76. – After this Joker wrote: “And now swarm the earth!” I was confused. But did not stop, dug up a black bag, in it a bundle of money – the amount twice stolen, and a letter. Judging by the handwriting, Khrustalev had to become a doctor.”

      The message showman left only compliments and asked me to smile more. Diana had to date him.

      “It turned out that we are neighbors. Now every evening we spend together: he, then at me. Watch football, drink wine. However, I can’t say that it’s something serious. I’m comfortable, fun, sincere, care about me and protect, but that will be further – will show time”.