Дмитрий Харатьян резко потерял форму, чем разочаровал фанатов
In the network appeared the photo of the actor with samples to continue the “Cadets”.

Dmitry Kharatyan

Photo: @sdruzhinina_official Instagram.com

Svetlana Druzhinina recently talked about the fact that another part of the “Cadets” — to be! The budget has been allocated the required amount for the filming of the continuation of the legendary Saga. The names of several actors who was invited to the shooting is already known: Dmitry Kharatyan will once again return to the image of Alexei Korsakov, and Alexander Domogarov will play the role of Paul Gorin.

The audience at the news that the new “Cadets” appear “old guard” actors puzzled fans. “Dmitry Kharatyan is not the same… the shape seems a pity”, “Domogarov and Kharatyan so old… you Might not want them to do? We remember Korsak and Gorin young and desperate”, “the Unfortunate Kharatyan, he no longer looks like before, and that’s a fact!” — are a fan of movies about the midshipmen.

Druzhinina hastens to reassure fans of the film: the midshipmen in the new part will not be young. Kharatyan and Domogarov will play characters their own age. The film will engage the young artists, however, their names are still kept secret. Three years ago, when the casting in the picture has just started, the main role was offered Nikita Presnyakov and Aglaia Shilovskaya. However, they are, according to Druzhinina, “old”.

“They’re both talented artists and wonderful people, but the samples were in 2015, three years have passed, they have matured! On the screen it is noticeable, especially in close-UPS. Nikita married, dreams of a child… I need the young to the young heroes, 18-year-old!” told recently Druzhinin.