Dmitry Guberniev apologized to Olga Buzova Today on MATCH TV there was a curious action where Dmitry Guberniev publicly apologized to Olga Buzova for the previous insults.

Dmitry Guberniev apologized to Olga Buzova It was immediately clear that all this was nothing more than a farce, but Guberniev and Buzova played their roles to the end. Dmitry presented Olya with a bouquet of roses and books about Carlson, where the famous phrase “Do you still drink cognac in the morning?” uploads/2022/04/0a494498f480d24e6af0b7b197bd953c.jpg” alt=”Dmitry Guberniev apologized to Olga Buzova” />

Buzova, in turn, asked if the bouquet was real and invited Guberniev to her concert, and Dmitry immediately promised to come and respond invited Olya to another event. It was fun.

Dmitry Guberniev apologized to Olga Buzova

By the way , although there were no sweets in the hands of the sports commentator, Olya assures that he gave her sweets with cognac. If this is true, then respect to Guberniev.

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