Dmitry Dyuzhev told, how to cope with conflicts in the family

Дмитрий Дюжев рассказал, как справляется с конфликтами в семье
The actor has his own method, which he mastered and Dmitry’s wife Tatiana.

Dmitry Dyuzhev with his wife Tatiana

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Like other artists, by profession, he is often under stress. The difficult role conflicts on the set, comments on the Internet – all this can drive the calmest person, to say nothing about the actor, the nature of which is by nature sensitive and “explosive”. But Dmitry has developed its own methodology by which its working stress does not affect family relationships.

“I have a clear separation
profession and home, says Dyuzhev. Is everything that happens at work, stays at the door. If
me in a bad mood, I in no case will not go in this state to
family. Ride to Moscow to meet with friends, do sports, but will be back
home calm. After all, if you come angry, then hiding it will be
impossible. And the last thing I would want our children to hear parents
talk in a raised voice”.

Dmitry’s wife Tatiana – a psychologist – says that the crisis of three and seven years that scare young
family, invented for self-justification. Conflict, in its opinion, begins when the couple are just not
want to be together. “Dima and I love each other, confident that our marriage —
forever, so shout, swear, stomp their feet, then to about this
sorry, we won’t. Fighting hard to stay on the edge, and then how to return
words spoken in anger? First and foremost is the artist’s wisdom, which he
once announced. And to me personally, this understanding came with the advent of the first
child. I realized that to convince, slamming the door, you can’t. A man appeared,
which is important to be loved not the father and mother separately, and parents
together and that they also loved each other.”

Tatiana admits that he does not consider your marriage is some perfect – each of the spouses and is in a bad mood and emotions sometimes spill, but Dmitry and Tatiana are trying to repay them knowing,
what consequences can lead to scandals in the family. “By the way, similar relationships are managed
to build with children, – says Tatiana. – I guess this is my little trick, but when Vanechka
was little, I told him that mothers, who are often upset and hurt
children look bad, and quickly grow old. And those mothers who love children
on the contrary, look even younger. And since van is very important that I was
beautiful and smile more often, it is never frustrating and always
finds the words that I want to cry from happiness.”

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