Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно» The actor and his wife will soon celebrate eight years from the day of the wedding. “StarHit” asked Dmitry and Tatiana Gurevich as they are vospityvayut two sons that boys are allowed and what is forbidden. In all situations the parents decide all the questions with the children using words, without using physical force.

      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»

      Dmitry and Tatyana Duzheva July 20 will celebrate the 8th anniversary of the wedding. During this time, their family became twice more: the couple’s sons – 7-year-old John and one-year-old Dmitry. “This is Tanya invented so Junior called, says the actor. – I was against – I thought it indelicate…” And I’m glad now I have two copies of my little men, and one another, and a full namesake! – retorted Tatiana. And then, it’s funny, when my husband holding our youngest, I make fun of him: “Dmitry Dyuzhev Dyuzhev shakes”. What other differences have caused in the family, children, celebrity said “StarHit”.

      Hands off!

      My husband often helps you with the baby?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»Yes, if the output of Dima, he is my main helper! Copes with caring for younger and older lessons. But if you need something and the light bulb screw in, and the painting will hang.—
      Congratulations – Vania this year graduated from the first class. Training is given to him easily?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»Vanya is a student and very responsible person. Worried if it feels that not enough is ready for a test or dictation. Sometimes, of course, everything. But we tried to solve the misunderstanding is not with punishment.—
      He’s already decided what to be when you grow up?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»Before Ivan wanted to be a pirate, and now as a grandfather, an engineer-inventor. Wants to build a flying backpack that students could move through the air. And yet, as a boys-classmates, wants to be 007! When I was his age there were other desires I dreamed of space, how many children of the Soviet time. Now the other points: why fly into space, is that a lot of pay? All of the parents, they are told: we have to go to work where more money… that’s why I supported the project “Star crew Barney” is a project about a real and genuine childhood dream. It is a contest in which I am not the only guest star. My colleagues in the jury of the project – the real Russian cosmonauts! Together we will determine the winners, who in September will go on the cosmodrome “Baikonur” to the real start of the piloted spaceship.
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»
      Once you are admitted that the main rule of the family Dushevyh – not to find out when you have kids. Solve family problems, while one in school and the other asleep?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»My parents lived happily ever after, but emotionally. Often in the house were heard arguments and screams. I didn’t know where to go. I thought I had to protect mom, then was sorry for my father… So now for me to raise my voice – it’s like to be back where scary and painful.
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»When was Vanya, Dima asked me never to argue with him. He believes that even if a whisper, we find out the relationship of the cot, your baby feels everything. So usually we are going to explain to the other corner of the apartment. But until we get there already and do not want to argue.
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»By and large the opinions we have disagreed only about the education of children. When Ivan grew up and started misbehaving, I told the wife to slap my son. Tanya disagreed and convinced me that everything can and should be solved with words. For me otkrylasya the world. I am very grateful to Tanya that she persuaded me. I realized that children can and should be friends and talk, they can listen and hear us. So to corner the sons set of physical punishment in our family either. Always find a compromise.


      And not because children have to swear? Maybe jealous of each other?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»I married a famous actor and handsome man, and this issue is before the wedding decided for themselves: without trust, no family. Dima gave me all these years so much attention and love that there is no room for doubt. And I am grateful to the husband that he, in turn, one of my meetings with friends, my personal time.
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»I studiously pretend that calm attitude. Actually, of course, worried. But not because of the fact that Tanya with someone to meet you, but only about her safety. Of course, sometimes I want to call and ask who she is sitting,what he’s talking about… But then imagine how it looks from the outside, and I stop myself.
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»
      Often with buddies together?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»I don’t have many friends because to be friends is work. And this does not always have the time… we Have a few couples – close friends, our kids are friends, and we always spend time together, go out of the city.—
      The crisis in the country. He struck you?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»Of course. Foreign advertising on television became in times less, it impoverished, and the number of series was reduced. Accordingly, the proposal, the actors have to do less. The role that previously refused to come closer and closer…—
      Not want to open your business, as do many of your colleagues?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»Anything is possible – my paternal line were all in the trade. But I’m a fan of the acting profession, which takes the lion’s share of free time. If you take a break will quickly lose the skill. And I’m not interested to devote time to something outside.—
      Maybe tat will help?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»I have a business education and a chance in the future I do not exclude. But while children are very young, I have more important goals and objectives. —
      Dmitry, I saw your pics with the “Kinotavr” in Sochi – on the beach you lean, sporty… Probably the gym and attend on a diet?
      Дмитрий Дюжев: «В детстве было страшно и больно»Our family decided to eat right. The wife spoils me pasta with shrimp and buckwheat noodles with chicken and vegetables. The food seriously: there is no such to grab a piece and go with him to the TV – follow the regime. Also try several times a week to visit the gym close to home.—
      And doctors go to, the health check? You’re 18 years ago from cancer my sister died…
      I take it philosophically and as a believer understand that the disease sisters were to her soul as soon as possible met with God. It is necessary to each of us…

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